Our company, Baharnik  Co. (P.J.S) is an engineering and technology based company that offers an array of world-class solutions in test and measurement solutions based in Tehran , IRAN, with more than 18 years of successful experience in test & measurement equipment, accompanying with leading world manufacturers.

    Baharnik is also a well-known technical trading company with a country-wide sales network. Thanks to its well-experienced and professional team, Baharnik is one of the most prominent companies in the market. We have had the honor to participate in many projects to equip various test centers and laboratories for our customers active in fields of oil & gas, energy & power, automotive, railways, universities, research centers, etc.

    We focus on activities that bring benefits to our customers to form a long Lasting Relationship with them. Our recommendations are based entirely on the client′s needs and budget.

    We provide our customers with complete consultation from the beginning to find out their requirements and to properly choose what they need. After delivery, our customers enjoy other services such as installation, training and after-sales services.

    We provide the proven and latest state-of-the-art technologies from world-class companies on the following fields:

    • Dynamic Testing Systems
    • Climatic & Environmental Chambers
    • Modal Analysis Systems
    • Sensors and Signal Conditioners
    • Data acquisition Systems & Signal Analyzers
    • Calibration Systems

    Our main customers are :

    • Automotive Industries
    • Universities and Research Centers
    • Power & Renewable Energy Plants
    • Oil , Gas & Petrochemical Industries
    • Cement , Steel & Industrial Plants
    • Water Plants